My oath~
YJ Duty free
I, Laura Chen promise never to re-post, translate or plagiarize any and all posts written by beeswaxing be it fiction, non-fiction, or random ramblings. This applies to the past, present and future.

Who is your DBSK OTP? YunJae
Who is your bias and why? Jung Yunho, because he so handsome, good at dancing, and ofc because he so in love with beautiful Jaejoongie~
How long have you been a fan of DBSK (if you got in through JYJ or TV2XQ then please specify)? Its been 6 year... I love TVXQ since 2006, and when they separate my choice is YunJaeMin... ^^
Are you a silent reader? I usually comment at the end (completed) of story..
Have you ever re-posted, translated or plagiarized anything of beeswaxing? If yes, explain yourself! No and Never

I, Laura Chen solemnly swear that I declare that the above is true to the best of my knowledge and if I lied in anything, may the fiction gods curse me with being blocked to every fic I ever want to read :O And may I be punished if I break the law in any instance.


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